In consultation: from £ 70 (non-clinical)
from £110 (clinical)

Initial Consultation - 1 hour from £70.

After booking your consultation, you will be sent a three day food diary to complete and return to me via post or e-mail before your appointment.

Your food diary will be analysed and used to provide an assessment of the nutritional value of your diet.

During your consultation you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and I will assess your health status via anthropometry and bio-impedance analysis (BIA). This means measuring your weight and height and assessing the percentage of your body fat and muscle.

Based on the food diary, anthropometry and BIA, I will recommend a dietary plan and, if appropriate, an exercise prescription for you in accordance of your goals, preferences, and motivation.

I sometimes use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in support of my nutrition clinics, which helps some clients to better understand their attitude to food and general stress.

Second Consultation - from £65

You will provided with

  • A dietary plan, which take your food preferences into account.
  • Guidance about foods to include in your shopping basket.
  • Food labelling guidance to help you choose foods with sensible amounts of fat, sugar and salt.
  • Menu ideas.

Advice on Restaurant Food – from £30

If you eat out a lot, we can provide you with food guidance from the menu served in the restaurants of your choice.

Follow-up Consultation

A follow-up consultation is usually booked for 4-6 weeks later and in this session we will discuss your progress and make any necessary changes to your programme.

Home Visits - from an additional £75 depending on location.

Home visits may also be undertaken, particularly in the case of elderly persons who cannot or would prefer not to come to our clinic in Hampstead.



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