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Changing Lives through Art

Art Exhibition and Musical Recital in aid of the Brazilian charity ACRIFE

24th March to 6th of April 2014 at Hampstead School of Art


King’s College Campus
19-21 Kidderpore Avenue
London NW3 7ST

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 nilson pimenta

Nilson Pimenta (left) and Valques Rodrigues


Some pupils of Nilson and Valques displaying their work




Eve Nutrition has a long standing association with the Brazilian charity Associação da Criança Feliz (ACRIFE) - Happy Child Association. ACRIFE was created in 2005 to promote better lives for poor children in Sucuri, Cuiaba, Brazil and empower them by:

a) Providing training and skill building courses to parents to raise earnings ,

b) Providing educationally oriented activities to children including painting, IT, English, percussion, dance, theatre, capoeira, football and many others, and

c) Providing access to basic health care facilities.

Working with the Rotary Club of Hampstead in 2011, we organized a piano concert by Francesco Attesti (a Rotarian from Cortona Valdichiana, Italy) to help ACRIFE to acquire a bus. The concert raised £1600, and the bus was acquired. This is now used as a school bus and also to take health projects out to the children’s villages. Our effort helped ACRIFE to reach children and families living in the more distant villages – engaging more families and changing lives.

ACRIFE relies on donations and fund raising to continue its services. One current problem is shortage of materials and tools to run the painting classes organized by Nilson Pimenta and his son Valques Rodrigues. Another is that painting classes are held in an open patio, so that when it rains the children have to stop work and rush to get their work under cover. Funds are needed to buy art tools and materials, and to roof over the teaching space.

Now in partnership with the Hampstead School of Art and the Rotary Club of Hampstead we are organising an art exhibition to help them buy art tools and materials, and expand their teaching space.

The Changing Lives through Art exhibition will show a collection of paintings from the noted Brazilian artist Nilson Pimenta and his son Valques Rodrigues, and paintings, acrylic on canvas, produced by the ACRIFE children, 10-13 years old, whom they have taught, representing a live and vibrant expression of their local realities. The event will also present live acoustic music from Brazil.

In order to raise funds for Acrife and the Art class Children created art works to be sold. Their teachers, the artists Nilson Pimenta and his son Valques Rodrigues, contributed with paintings of their own; and Val Eve brought the paintings back to the UK.

Proceeds of the exhibition will go to buy art materials and extend the teaching area of the ACRIFE premises.

We are still looking for sponsorship and support from individuals and Business Organizations to support this event. If you would like to support this event please contact us on 020 7794 2174 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



 The pictures in the exhibition (with prices)

More information about the artists

More information about ACRIFE 


A statement from the clinic

I am Dr Val Eve the principal nutrition consultant of the Eve Nutrition clinic and also a member (and currently President) of the Rotary Club of Hampstead (RCH: Having both worked and studied in Brazil, I know the Acrife charity well and the work they do in the very impoverished Sucuri District with young children in support of the statute that no child under the age of 13 years should be engaged in work activities and every child should have access to education and the means to construct an adequate life in adulthood.
The charity works closely with 10 to 13 year olds providing health and educational programmes, training and skill building in many areas.

Now we want to help them again, and so are organising this exhibition and sale of paintings.

barra criancas



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