Breastfeeding provides all the energy and nutrients needed by a healthy baby during the first 6 months of life. A flexible approach is required to decide when weaning should start.

Weaning should be a gradual process of introducing new tastes and textures to a baby.

The age at which babies should be offered solids varies. Usually after 6 months babies should be introduced to other foods prepared and served in the right consistency (first months mashed and later on chopped into small pieces) to suit their developmental age.

Infants at this stage like to be involved in feeding and can move food around in their mouths. They should still be having breast milk or at least a pint of formula milk a day.
By 1 year old the baby can join in with family foods and enjoy a diversified diet.
At Eve Nutrition we provide evidence-based advice to mothers about their baby’s nutrition in accordance with recommended guidelines; and help with choosing the right utensils and equipment for the job.
We also provide home based Nutrition training for you and your baby’s carer, on request, which includes a nice range of easy nutritious weaning recipes.




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