Children’s nutritional requirements change according to their development process and benefit from regular check ups and dietary advice.

Children need regular meals and snacks to get the energy and nutrients they need for growing and to build a strong immunological system able to cope with illness.

The increasing prevalence of childhood obesity is a recognized fact in the UK. Life style, particularly lack of physical exercise, is an important factor.

Research shows that the percentage of energy from fat is higher in obese children's diets; and there is a failure to match intake and needs. It is likely that the high energy density of many high fat foods facilitates the over consumption of fat.

The impact of increasing portion size on food intake is also implicated. For example Walker’s crisps packs changed from 25g to 45g.
The influence of advertising on children’s food choices and preferences is noticeable, as is an increase in the amount of advertising of sugary foods in children's television. Television has been shown to have an impact in childhood obesity.

Parental control seems to play an important role in preventing a child becoming overweight. Snacking all day in place of meals will usually result in eating an unbalanced diet.

At our Nutrition clinic, we provide comprehensive nutritional assessment and nutritional advice, including nutrition tips to busy parents, so to make sure children are receiving an adequate diet which suits their developmental needs.



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