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Lúcio Rodrigues, also known as “Lagarto” (Lizard in Portuguese), is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor. Lucio holds a 3rd degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr., who awarded him his Black Belt in 2004. Ever since, Lucio has built his reputation and brand name as a renown competitor, both in Jiu-Jitsu competitions as well as MMA.

Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues

Lucio’s nickname, “Lagarto”, which means Lizard in Portuguese, was given by Marcio Feitosa at Gracie Barra because he used to joke saying that Lucio resembled a reptile. Nowadays people relate to his reptile ability, both in the mats as well as his regeneration capabilities by successfully fighting off a cancer of lymphatic system back in 2007.

His lineage is as follows: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlos Gracie Junior > Lucio Rodrigues.

Lucio started his international teaching career in Portugal, after his master Carlos asked him to go to the southern European country and help develop the sport there. He lived and worked there for a duration of time, but then returned to Brazil where he premiered in MMA with a submission victory over Roberto Albuquerque by armbar.

In 2007 at only 27 years of age, Lucio faced one of the most difficult opponents yet: a fight with a cancer of the lymphatic system (also known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma). Lucio coped with painful weeks of chemo and radio therapy, managing in great part due to his positive mind and healthy lifestyle, fruit of years of a rigorous diet and a healthy lifestyle environment. Despite the doctors having told him that he would never be able to train or compete again, just after a month after the start of his treatment, he restarted training and teaching. Contradicting the doctors opinion, in 2008, just after finishing his chemotherapy, Lucio competed and won the Rio de Janeiro State Championship & the Jordan Capital Challenge. It was only after winning those 2 titles that he told the world what had happened to him. One of his students (Simon McGovern, one of the few people knowing Lucio’s disease) even said that Lucio made them swear to not to tell anyone he had cancer while competing, because he didn’t want any sympathy, especially from the other competitors in his weight division.

Lucio Rodrigues Winning

Lucio strongly believes that he overcame this enormous battle due to his positive mental nature and his healthy lifestyle, nurtured throughout all his life: he never tasted an alcoholic drink, never smoked a cigarette  never eats red meat nor fries, just to name a few examples. Lucio also commonly states that whoever is around him, will immediately be “contaminated” by his lively and positive way of looking at life – whoever is with him, will become happy with life, even if he/she doesn’t have reasons for that.

Lucio now lives and teaches in London. Since he arrived in the UK, in 2011, Lucio has already spread around the Jiu-Jitsu discipline, having founded Gracie Barra Preston, Gracie Barra Glasgow and most recently Gracie Barra Knightsbridge, London. In parallel, Lucio has ongoing projects with the main goal to prepare and develop instructors into their own professional achievement of opening their own academy – they can either follow their own brand or become a Gracie Barra affiliate.

Lucio Rodrigues’ Main Achievements


  • European Open: Silver Medal (weight division)
  • European Open: Bronze Medal (absolute division)


  • World Pro Cup: Champion
  • World Pro Cup Lisbon Trials: Champion (absolute division)
  • World Pro Cup London Trials: Champion (weight and absolute division)
  • European Open: Champion


  • European Open: Silver Medalist


  • Rio de Janeiro State: Champion (weight & absolute division)
  • Jordan Capital Challenge: Champion
  • World Pro Cup: Bronze Medalist (absolute division)


  • European Open: Silver Medalist
  • European Open: Bronze Medalist (absolute division )


  • European Open: Champion
  • European Open: Bronze Medalist (absolute division)
  • World Championship: Bronze Medalist
  • Brazilian National: Silver Medalist (absolute division)


  • European Open: Champion (weight & absolute division)
  • World Championship: Bronze Medalist


  • World Championship: Silver Medalist (absolute division, as brown belt)
  • World Championship: Bronze Medalist (as brown belt)


  • Brazilian National: Champion (as a brown belt)
  • World Championship: Gold Medalist (as purple belt, absolute division)
  • World Championship: Bronze Medalist (as a purple belt)

Lucio Rodrigues in Abu Dhabi



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