Maternal diet immediately prior to conception and during the first few weeks of pregnancy may influence the early development of the embryo.
Commencing a pregnancy either underweight or overweight can lead to problems for both the mother and baby.
The ideal weight for height is considered to be a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20-26 kg/m2.
Women with a low BMI, that is one less than 20, may enter pregnancy with a poor nutritional status and have an increased risk of delivering a small-for-date baby.
Women who are overweight, that is with a BMI greater than 30, are more likely to suffer complications with high blood pressure.
By using updated, sophisticated software for physiological and dietary nutrient assessments we will assess your nutritional status.
This allows us to design an appropriate personalised dietary and exercise plan which will  help you to achieve an ideal weight for height before conceiving, as well as ensuring any nutrient deficits are corrected.



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