With advancing age, physiological changes – for example changes in the gut function, metabolism and homeostasis – can lead to poor utilization of nutrients from foods.
As the amount of food eaten often falls with increasing age the quality of the diet becomes more important.

In addition an older person might be eating less for other reasons such as:

  • loss of appetite (particularly if taking certain medications)

  • depression

  • or dental problems

  • or might suffer memory loss and forget to eat.

That exposes an older person to the risk of becoming undernourished as a result of not eating an adequate diet tailored to their ageing needs.
At Eve Nutrition we are able to assess your nutritional status by assessing the adequacy of your daily diet with reference to the UK Dietary Reference Values (DRV’s) and measuring your body size and composition.
This will enable us to judge whether intake is adequate or whether your diet should be modified or supplemented.
As many old people nowadays are looked after by carers or a member of the family, we also offer home visits for nutritional assessment, advice and training for carers of how to prepare foods to suit an older person’s individual needs.



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