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Diet directly affects an athlete’s ability to train and recover from training, to compete and keep on competing. An adequate diet, in terms of quantity and quality, before, during and after training and competition, will maximize performance.

Given the wide diversity of different sporting activities and the different demands placed on the individual by different sports, we at Eve Nutrition provide personalised advice to suit your needs.

It is important that the intake of dietary carbohydrate is sufficient to maintain muscle glycogen levels during training and competition, and to drink sufficient fluids to maintain normal metabolism and body temperature during exercise.

There are an increasing number of individuals taking part in physical activities aiming to maintain health or lose weight who could benefit from nutritional advice and weight management guidance.

We at the Eve Nutrition can help to plan your weight loss and advise you about the type and level of physical exercise adequate to your health needs and your time availability. We do not believe in quick-fix diets.

We advise our clients to manage their weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, and this means starting from what you like to eat and improving the diet from a nutritional point of view yet arriving at a diet you feel comfortable with in the long term.




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